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Growing Pineapple Plants Indoors

I recently have wanted to grow a pineapple plant. Its not possible for me to have the plant outside for any sun. Is it actually possible to grow the pineapple plant and have it produce fruit just from light through a window?
Thank you

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Probably not. You would most likely have to provide supplementary light, if you wanted the plant to produce fruit. I think they need a full 10 or more hours of bright light each day.

I understand that it takes about 2 years of careful treatment to get a pineapple to flower, and that involves forcing flower production during December of the second year. I haven't grown one, myself, though, so that's just second-hand information.
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They'll definately grow indoors through a window, that's how my dad's is (in Texas). Fruiting however, probably not like Kisal said. It takes alot of work to get one plant to pollinate, so you'd need two or three to be successful.

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There are TONS of info on the internet about growing pineapples indoors. The key points I've gleaned so far:
• Pineapple is a bromeliad, so basic bromeliad culture applies: Doesn't need big pots like bananas. Requires well draining soil. Prefers high humidity/keep water in the leaf cup. Absorbs nutrients/water mostly via leaves than roots. NO salt -- use organic fert. Lower pH soil.
• 6+ hours of sun. Sunniest window (southern exposure) during the colder months. BEST if kept outdoors when weather is above 65ºF.
• At least 24 months (mature fruit in about 2-1/2 yrs) to fruit for plants grown from pineapple top, less for suckers and slips from mature plant (which will grow after the first pineapple fruits)
• At fruiting size, the plant could be 3' wide and 3' tall.
• Ripe apple or banana can help induce flowering/fruiting

As I understand it, pineapple does not need to be pollinated to develop its fruit, but it DOES need to be CROSS-pollinated to set seeds.

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