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revisiting mulberry trees

So I gather from reading past threads that the white mulberry is the tree that sprouts up everywhere. However, The fruits mature to white, not start off white. Our neighbour had a mulberry, but the fruits matured to near black and started off white. It has since been cut down, but there are mulberry seedlings everywhere. So:
Do the fruit of the red mulberry also mature to purple or black?
How tall & wide do the red and black varieties grow?
In MI, can I plant either red or black, and not be guilty of perpetuating an invasive alien species?
Messy fruit shouldn't be a problem, but since the birds and squirrels will probably get to them first, then the droppings might be worse than the berries?
Which is sweeter, red, white, or black? (I know, subjective question, but humour me)

Thanks in advance.
Happy Gardening,

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Here's links to find out what is considered invasive species in your area:

But even if something isn't an officially listed invasive it can be kind of a pest, as you are discovering. Mulberries do tend to pop up all over after having their seeds distributed in messy purple droppings. And yes, the droppings make more mess than the actual berries. My mulberry is in the back half of the property, any berries that fall and aren't eaten just fall on the ground and don't cause problems. Nonetheless in mulberry season we have purple splotches all over patio and cars from the droppings.

I'm not sure what variety mine is, but it definitely doesn't start out white and does end up purple.

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i believe the ones that ripen to blackish are considered red mulberries...

as far as flavor goes, it seems that white mulberries are much sweeter, but don't have much flavor otherwise, and are therefore somewhat insipid fresh, but are good dried, as the other flavors are concentrated that way. imo, the reds are the nicest for fresh eating, flavorwise.

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