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Transplanting Flowering Currants?

Moved to Poulsbo, WA 2 years ago. Discovered several King Edward Flowering Currants planted in the yard, but in the shade. I feel they need to be moved to full sun. Any tips on transplanting these bushes(about 3 1/2 ft. tall). They are just starting to bloom.

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I'm thinking that now would not be the best time to transplant them. I would personally wait until fall. You do live in Poulsbo which, is quite close to me so, I agree that currants belong in the full son, mine are and are very prolific.

Hey, is checkers still around? I used to love going their for tea.

Oh yeah, and here is some information why I would be guarded against moving the bushes now:

The roots and shoots are just now in the process of growing and if you disturb them, it could be detrimental to the bush. It may be that you wouldn't even get any fruit. If you transplant the bush in the fall (when the bush is dormant) the likelihood of damaging anything will be reduced.
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I'm with Opa; wait until fall, after leaf drop...


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