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I am new to gardening but I just wanted to let you know that I have experimented with a shop bought kiwi fruit.

I sliced it in half and took some of the seeds out of it. I didn't dry them out and placed the seeds directly into a pot of compost and spray watered them every day for 3 weeks on my window sill. After 3 weeks they started to come up through the compost.

I now have about 25 kiwi plants coming up. They are only small at the moment - about an inch and a half high but they look very healthy. I have now put them in my greenhouse. I hope they continue to grow and produce fruit.

The temperature over here is between 65 and 75 farenheight (inside the greenhouse). We are just coming into our summer months so I am hoping they will do well. :D

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Remember to provide a trellis if they do continue to grow for you. Good luck!

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if any of the real hardy kiwis (A. arguta or kolomikta) could be bought in a store, i would be all over that.

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The very best tasting cultivars of all kinds of fruit are never found at a grocery chain. They focus on look and how well they store and/or ship. I have four different mango trees all with better tasting fruit than in the grocery store. However, they are not nearly as visually appealing.

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Growing Kiwi from Seed

Hi y'all,
Yipee, I did just what Pebbles did except i just put my seeds on a papertowel in a baggie, and placed it near a lightbulb, seeds facing away from the light, and most of them sprouted. Within 2 weeks.
One is now about a 1/2 inch high, and if all goes well the others will follow and be happy little sprouts in my plastic egg carton. ( They are great little green houses)
Im just wondering if your kiwi plants flowered in your greenhouse over the summer?
Did you have any luck???

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I've decided to grow kiwi fruit an mass. Will let you all know how the crop does. ordered a bunch of seeds and should have no problem. I love them in fruit salads. a good fruit to sell later in the season.
You can solve all your problems in a garden/laboratory.

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Well, heard some 'nays' here, but I haven't seemed to have any trouble getting my seed to germinate. It took anywhere between 2 weeks and 1 month to get them up, species 'arguta,' and out of about 50 seed about 20 made it. Seed was purchased through
I used a compost and peat mix, with dash of perlite. Planted in November, when weather here was really turning cold. By mid December they were mostly up, and a week ago i potted them in larger pots, mostly to get them out of the heavier compost mix. I probably would have had more seeds sprout, if I hadn't overdone the compost in original planting, (low on peat)
Hope I helped, know old post but never a bad thing to put out info. :)

*Additional Note: This is usually the time of year I do seeds and cuttings. I live in 'Zone 9B,' but believe me, last few years acts more like Zone 9A to lower Zone 8. I do not stratify, chill in fridge, nor scarify. I will remove corky bark from seeds like Brugs, but that's about it. I usually always get seedlings up. Also swear by 'Superthrive'...this stuff in weakened format is great to boost hard to sprout seeds. Use no ferts until well established.

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