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creeping charlie and crab grass in my strawberry patch

My name is Donna and I had a huge idiot attach last summer and put yard clipping on my garden to keep the weeds down under the black garden paper (called Weed Stop I think) I had laid down. The paper was supposed to keep weeds from growing but they were growing under the paper and pushing the paper up. So I thought "hey I'll put yard clipping to keep the weeds down" Well what I ended up doing was seeding my strawberry patch with creeping charlie and crab grass from my lawn. I won't let my husband spray in the yard to kill this stuff because I hate chemicals.

I have to admit after hours of weeding the thought of round up is constantly in my head.

I just read about using vinegar to kill weeds, does this kill creeping charlie and crab grass? Will it kill it so the same plant won't come back. I know I'll have to keep after the edges to keep it from growing back in. I would be happy to use a brush to apply to the weeds only. We didn't get very many strawberry's because of all my weeding, I must have pulled off most of the runners.

If this won't work what should I do?

OH and on a side bar I had a pumpkin (pie) seed itself in the garden will it have pumpkins if there is only one plant?


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