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Can I plant with the soil very wet?

It's been raining all week and I have a rasberry bush to plant but am afraid to plant it considering how wet the ground is.

Can it sit in it's original nursery pot until the ran subsides or am I okay to plant now?

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Sometimes, plants are severely root bound in nursery pots, so my usual advice is to make sure NOT to let the soil dry out. In your case, however, I'd say make sure that the pots are not sitting in puddles of water -- keep them where the water will drain away -- and they should be fine until you're ready to plant.

I wouldn't plant shrubs and perennials in larger pots than 1quart/6"d when the soil is soggy as digging around in that kind of soil destroys the airspace between soil particles. I do sometimes plant plants in 4" pots or smaller in previously prepared beds in the rain :wink: as long as I have loose friable soil to put around the root ball and re-fill the hole.

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I would wait, although I sure understand how difficult that can be. I hate it when we have those long, cold, wet springs. Your plant should be fine in their nursery pots for a little while longer. Just be sure to keep them well watered.

Working soil when it's too wet can cause it to become compacted, especially of it's a clayey soil.

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