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what fruit trees can i grow in south east queensland

I recently started up my own veggie patch and this is now extending to fruit trees. my dream is to not have to buy fruit and veg by the time i get out of high school. Can anyone give me some advice on what to grow and plants that produce the most food?
thanks everyone
here in Australia we have hot 35 degree Celsius (95 degree Fahrenheit)wet summers, we have mild usually dry winters down to 10 degrees celsius (50 degree Fahrenheit) but a normal temp of 20 degrees celsius (68 degree Fahrenheit) and a range of sunlight because we have a fare bit of land.
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growing food in queensland

That's a really ambitious goal! Many of us on this forum (by NO means all!) are in the US and don't know much about your climate.

If you could give more information (how cold does it get in winter there, what are your summers like, hot and dry, hot and wet, mild, how much garden space do you have, is it mostly in full sun, etc) you'd be more likely to get some responses.

Best wishes on this project!

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