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Pruning Suggestion for my Persimon tree?

Can you guys help me with pruning suggestions for this small Persimon tree I have? The leaves look healthy but there's some weird thing going on where these two branches don't have any leaves on them. I don't want to break them off and then the tree has an odd shape. Any suggestions? Also, since it's a 2 year old tree, should I get rid of the two small persimons growing to help the tree?

Picture below:


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I'm not a trained "tree person," but I would definitely remove the dead branches.

I would cut back that branch that sticks out to the left in the picture. Cut that branch just to the left of the little green leaves that are sprouting near the rest of the tree. Do you see the ones I mean?

It may need more pruning, and I'm sure someone who knows fruit trees will offer you some advice. What I have suggested is basic pruning, and would apply to any kind of plant. It will help the plant to develop a nice shape and avoid diseases that tend to develop in deadwood. :)

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I second the recommendation to remove the deadwood.

Sunset's Western Garden Book has this to say about pruning Japanese persimmon, which is what grows in California. Sunset's info is applicable to both the Fuyu and Hachiya persimmons.

"Prune trees when they are young to establish a good framework; thereafter, prune only to remove dead wood, shape the tree, or open up a too dense interior. Remove any suckers that shoot up from below the graft line."

There is no recommendation re. removing the fruit from a young tree. There's also no injunction against it! :)

Full-size persimmon trees can be quite large. Is yours on dwarf or semi-dwarf rootstock? I inquire because the plant looks approx. 2 feet, if that, from the fence. (Maybe I'm misreading the scale of the photo, though....)

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Thanks for the suggestions. I will definitely remove the dead branches. As far as distance from the fence, it's about 3 ft. Is that too close? I don't think it's a dwarf tree. Regular Fuju Persimmon. Is it too late to move the tree if it's too close to the fence?

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