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Mullberry Tree

My neighbor has a huge mulberry tree. Is it possible for me to cut a branch and grow another tree for my yard? If so, how would I go about doing that? Thanks so much :)

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Mulberries are ripe now. I know where there are about 8 or 9 trees with ripe mulberries. You might be able to plant the seeds in the berries. That is the only suggestion I have.

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Although mulberries can be propagated by cuttings, it seems much easier (to me) to grow one from seed. According to what I've read, however, it takes 10 years to get fruit from a tree grown from seed.

Washington State U. has a somewhat detailed page about propagation of trees from cuttings. You'll find the mulberry information on the chart down near the end of the page.

I also read that black mulberries are more difficult to propagate from cuttings, than are the white and red types, so the particular tree in question may make a difference as to whether you can successfully clone it. :)

[url=]WSU tree propagation page[/url]

[url=]CA Rare Fruit Growers page about mulberry[/url]

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What about air-layering? I believe that is the technique used for mulberries.

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yup, air layering should work. it is relatively easy to plant from seed, or, easier, berry, too...

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