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Cherrry seeds and bonsai

Hey all... I'm really glad I found this site, it's got, like, the most AMAZING posts, and everybody's REALLY helpful :D... I'm a real newbie at this, but gardening has been something of a passion of mine... I've started stratifying some cherry seeds, around 25 to 30 in two batches, and I found a really cool post by TheLorax, who gave a TON of useful details about how to plant a cherry seed :D... Thing is, I've looked up a few other sites too, but others kinda give conflicting views... I'm well into my 2nd month of cold stratification, but most of the sites never mention the part about warm stratifying the seeds after the 3-4 month cold stratification... They just say (in short) 'cold strat and plant'... So it's necessary right? The warm strat part?

And the second part of my question is: I wanna try to create a bonsai out of one of these seeds, but in the posts I've found, everybody talks about a pre-bought plant or one which is, in almost every case, already grown from seed... Mainly they're related to maintenance and care of the plant, but not about growing one from scratch... I got a few books on bonsai too, like 'The Ancient Art of Bonsai' by Amboru Kato Kimura and 'Bonsai Gardening Secrets' by Erik A. Olsen.. They don't say anything about growing one from seed, but there's a wealth of info about maintaining one and caring for it... Can someone please point me in the right direction, cuz I get the feeling I'm looking in all the wrong places?...

Many thanks! :)

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