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Bitter Oranges

I live in Florida and bought a house about 3 years ago with an orange tree in the back yard. We have cared for it in what I would think of as the normal way, fertilizing and trimming as necessary and the tree produces a plentiful crop every year. The problem is that the oranges from the tree are extremely bitter and virtually inedible. We thought that maybe we were picking them too early, but even when we waited a bit later in the season they still tasted terrible. I have been told by a co-worker that there is nothing that can be done to improve the flavor of the fruit. Is this true?

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These are probably Seville oranges, which were developed to be bitter for use in cooked dishes.

The best use I've found for them is marmalade. They make an incredible marmalade.

There are also commercial brands of Seville orange marmalade available, so you might buy a small jar (maybe at upscale grocery stores?) for taste-testing before starting to wash and chop your Sevilles.

I absolutely adore Seville orange marmalade, but it's not a universal admiration.

Enjoy! :D

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I agree with cynthia, bitter oranges could be done a very nice marmelade with suitable preparing (at the kitchen). We have plenty of them here in Greece.
Otherwise you could change the tree in a citrus fruits (lemon or orange or mandarin orange tree or grapefruit). I make a search for translating this changing tree process and I found that is called engrafting or grafting or inarching,
good luch! :wink:

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