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Pear tree needs serious help!

I am rebuilding my grandparents cottage here in southern MS after taking 14 feet of water from hurricane Katrina in '05. Unfortunately I just got started on it last summer and am taking the winter and spring to tend to the ailing yard. My grandfather planted a pear tree (variety unknown, he passed away in '04) and it is in quite poor shape. Last year it produced well over 100lbs of beautiful fruit so I was under the impression that it was doing well. During the hurrican season of '08 we had a lot of rain and three days of high winds which soaked the ground and leaned the tree over about 30 degrees. I righted it and staked it up. Katrina removed all of the southerly limbs so it was quite lopsided, which I have just corrected. Last November I noticed that the bark was peeling off and under it were deep fissures in the trunk. I assumed that they were stress cracks from the wind. Today I noticed that the tree was still needing a lot of support so I removed the topsoil from around the tree to inspect for root damage. Unfortunately the situation gets worse. All of the roots on one side are broken off, the base of the trunk is rotting away, and the soil is rich with decay. I dug it out the best I could to allow some air in, supported the tree, and began to remove some of the heavyest rot. The tree has already began to sprout a few new buds so I know its not completely lost. Being that it was one of my grandfather's prized possesions, and that it survived 14 feet of salt water immersion (it produced pears the very next summer) I know it is quite a trooper and want to do whatever I can to keep it going. It is about 20 years old and has a trunk diameter of about 8 inches. Post pruning it stands 16 feet. Any advise or help to ressurect would be great! Thanks!

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