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Question About Ordering & Planting Fruit

Am I too late to order fruit for this spring? I am just starting out but seem to be rather ambitious. I would like a couple fruit trees, strawberries, and a wildberry bush(black berry?).

Do you have any suggestions on where to order? And if I am too late for this spring...when do I need to order them by?

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I don't think it is too late for anything just yet. The absolute latest you can plant down here is late February. Berry plants shoud be fine.

In South Florida, around May, all pepper and tomato plants start dying out while Mango trees are producing their delicious fruits. :D

I ordered blackberry and strawberry recently from
So far so good. The plants came bare root and came to life soon after planting. They have a wide variety of fruits, berries, and nut trees along with info for each. I would highly recommend it.

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