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Crisis with strawberries!

Hey every1 :D, I'm gonna go straight to my problem, I've been TRYING to take care of a few of my strawberry plants for 4 years now and it seems that I've been making the worst decisions for them, including the wrong fertilizers, too much fertilizers, position adjusting according to sun and according to climate changings etc... and just this morning I came to check up on them and I saw most of the leaves lean downwards and a few of the stems becoming purple in certain spots, and I had given them phosphorus fertilizer a few days ago, and it occurred to me that maybe I've given them a little too much of the fertilizer, so I decided to extract them, mix up the pot's soil a bit and then replant them, nothing else came to my mind at the time, please some1 tell me I did the right thing, or if it wasn't the right thing what should I do?!? :cry: and a few tips would be lovely, I'm an absolute ****** when it comes to this matter! thx :lol:

p.s: may I add that they've been the SAME bunch of plants for the past 4 years that I been having? not new ones

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