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Need help starting Japanese cherry tree seeds

I bought some japanese cherry tree seeds (Prunus Serrulata) online and I was confused on how exactly to start them. I did some research online and the information that I found contrasted what it says on the package.
The package says to warm stratify first, then to cold stratify, but the internet has told me opposite. I am also unsure as to what soil to plant it in. I have tried to grow a cherry sapling from Japan in the past and attempted to use a premixed cactus soil for good drainage, but I'm not sure exactly what would be best. I appreciate any responses. Thanks!

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Re: Need help starting Japanese cherry tree seeds

You already received a reply in this other thread you started -- did you notice?
The member who replied has some experience with growing trees from seeds, so hopefully you will be successful. :D

I'm locking this one for now to avoid confusion.
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