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Red laceleaf maple

Hi, I'm new to this sight and am looking for some advice on pruning and troubled lace leaf maple. Our tree is probably 12 years in the ground. It has a three inch diameter at the base. This year it looks as if it is under deep stress. It has justed pushed out a few leafs where all the others in our have all been leafed out. I noticed this tree did this once or twice in the past. It is still some what green when I scatch the limbs. The limbs bark tend to crack when I bend them but they do not snap off.Many of the limbs would however appear to look like they are dying. I do notice however that there is growth slowly pushing out on some of the limbs. A gardener mentioned that I should cut back all the dead limbs. I'm not sure if I should wait until they are totally dead ?

Thanks for any advice.

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Paul, see Jess' post in the next topic up from yours, if you haven't already. There's some good details there on what to look for and how far to go.

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