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Japanese Garden Tools

Okatsune seems to be one of the strongest brands out there, but I'm wondering if other people have a favorite brand of tools they use?
How do these compare to other western brands such as Felco etc?

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Although I have been doing "Japanese gardening" for a long time now, I must admit that regarding the tooling I just take and buy what is locally available. For most jobs the tools I pick are experience based but may vary based on availability/affordability.

For sure room for improvement here. I am also sure that it would have been different when I had been a professional gardener.

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Hi all
In my opion, when you pick best tool, tools last longer and you will enjoy ownership of the tool.
I can't remember how may diffrent pruner I had past 40 years or so, different brand, different shape and size. I had at least 4 model of Felco,
Okatusne, Ars, Corona brand.

I had to work in wood area, garden. When you drop tool color of handle makes big diffrent to recover. One time one of model of corona pruning had dark geen wich brend in to ground/suranding, Onec drop it it is very hard to recover, I told Corona reprentive mention it , but din't have ear to listen. Probably they did'nt sell much thir pruner, !7,8 years later they chenged color but too late.

Some hadle of pruner sre hard to use all day, blade steel is not hard and get dull quickly.
Every time I visit to Nursery Trade show, I buy extra pruners.
I brougt Okatusne pruner and ARS pruner same time 16 years ago, O katusne pruner is still look like new, because I don't use it. I only use ARS pruner. when I lost it, without consider other brand , buy ARS pruner. steel of blade is very hard an last long time to keep sharpness.
It may expensive than other brand, but if you are happy the tool and last 20 years or longer ,It is well worth it
When it come to saw, 70 percent of my saw are silky sow. Some time I like to have 22" to 26'' arborist saw I pick different manufacture saw.

silky offer so many different size/number of saw teeth, lengh of saw, curb, straight and mini saw. No other company offer many different shape size of saw. Regure file can't file saw blade ,because steel is hardener than file steel. only diamnond inbeded file can file saw blade.

I use tools to make living, so I invest time and money to find and get best tools on market.

Home owner other hand,look for less expensive and though away tools because don't know how to maintain /use propery.
Good tools make your work easer and fun to work with. I don't pick or buy because it is there. I go great distance to find best tools.
simple tool like saw ,pruner, still you have to learn how to use propery.

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