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Are rain chains as efficient as gutter downpipes?

Since joining the forum ive read a bit about japanese gardens and seen some different designs and ideas from a few members.
In the past ive tried a few experiments with Bamboo poles making water features, I will take some pictures of some ive made when I have the time.

Through doing a bit more research ive come across 'rain chains' they look really unusual and I would like to replace a downpipe to give one a try, is any certain style more efficient than others and as I rely on containing the rain for the garden, how much water will I loose compared to the standard downpipe?


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Yes It works.
It is not new idea, tested and tested.
Many home owners how ever in US, don't think much where water can go and how.
Before you buy rain chain,Plan how to handle water and it's cost.
To use bamboo down sput, you have to accsec to bamboo easly.

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Cohesion works well, as it has for a very long time...

And the sound is lovely...

As Yama points out, what are you doing with it after it comes off the chain? A small swale or dry stream can be aesthetic and functional...


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