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Help - very dead or dead with possibilities??

*help me*
We just bought a house and I was happy to see two Japanese Maple(JP) trees, one about 7 feet and the other thick trunk but shorter. I asked a family friend to please assist in digging out two Japanese maples. I would have been right there next to them while working but my neice had to catch the bus so by the time I made it back too late...not only did they dig out the JPs by root but they took a chainsaw to it...a very huge misunderstanding, when I said i wanted to get them out of there...i meant the ground! but neglected to say so I can replant them. these kids knew nothing about this tree and how long it took to grow them. They offered to replace them but they also have no clue...

I have two tree stumps with a good amount of the roots still good...if I replanted the root base, is there a slim chance...that it might in time come back?? or am I wishing on a star??
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I am sorry to hear about your Japanese maple.
You can't do anythinhg about it in many reasons.
July and August is worst time to transplant Japanese maple.(orany other trees)
Japanese maple is not easy to graft nor airlayering and during growing season, Japanese Maple and other maple trees bleed sap and won't stop bleeding for long time.
It is not only fale of your family friend also yours. Even they did way you wanted, simply worng timing of transplanting.

Good thing is that You can start new JP maple with fresh memory with your new home. (wait untill fall) :D

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