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As the days get shorter, sigh, and evenings cooler (we just broke a record of 83 days not going below 70), make sure there is FOOD for our flying friends! Our gardens tend to languish in August, but it is so important to have flowers late August until frost. For me the hummingbirds and monarchs are passing through, albeit one here, 2 there, but are noticably hungry searching for nectar. There are the usual summer butterflies still eating and doing, and bees stocking up.

For the monarchs, at least here, having flowers more important than milkweed. I need to find the article about this from the Texas butterfly ranch (a good site for monarch and habitat issues).

My suggestion, FWIW, and one I try to do, is make notes of flowers blooming and frequented by our flying friends. It's a bit late to plant for this year, but think of perennials and annuals to have next season. For us with long seasons, a few fresh annuals set out mid summer can often provide good flowers for late summer to frost. (the annuals to augment your late blooming perennials).
Have fun!

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Re: Food!

We live in the country. During late summer and fall the goldenrod and many other wildflowers abound in open fields and along the road. Still many species of both large and small butterflies visit our yard. We allow passion flower to grow wild in the yard, grow a bit of milk weed, have lots of volunteer sassafras, as well as our flower garden plantings. Next year we will renovate our butterfly host bed.
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