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birdbaths for birds and amusement

Birdbaths are excellent for birds and of course our amusement. I have 3 active ones in the urban yard, and they are used! I try to keep filled 12 months, and they sometimes freeze a bit in winter.

There is a pecking order, and styles with each species. In spring when the blackbirds move in take over everything, and hog the birdbaths. Jays and robins take their turns, and as large birds use lots of water. The birds que up by species, and also have preference for which bath to use. The bath can only handle one jay, but sometimes 2 robins. Sparrows will cluster in it, chattering all the while. Doves are skiddish. They come in pairs. One will spot the other, and they take turns, and prefer the one more in the middle of yard.

One birdbath is pretty, metal base designed by my sister, and clay dish made by my mother. The other 2 more humble. Deep plastic pot saucer on cinder blocks, held in place with a brick. I just try to remember to fill daily with hose, squirt the old water and junk out, then fill fresh. The birds are watching and in their playground before I get to the last one, spot watering plants on the way.
Have fun!

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Re: birdbaths

Yes, my backyard birds love birdbaths too! Unfortunately, crows do too.
Sometimes I even see a humingbird on my mini fountain birdbath! Such a pretty sight!
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Re: birdbaths for birds and amusement

Inspiring post Susan! I'd like to get one set up soon.
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Re: birdbaths for birds and amusement

Yours sound like wonderful birdbaths, with meaning and sentiment behind them. I"m hoping to make some interesting ones this year, but in the mean time, they get large pot saucers, old pot lids with the lid knob hole sealed (shallow, for little birds)... Even the plastic toboggan when the robins pass through in masses during migration.

Now that I have my pond started, there is constant source of water, but I still need to "landscape" the edges so smaller birds can get to the water without fear of slipping down the liner. It was funny to watch larger birds testing the depths where rocks are submerged. -- I laughed so hard when a mourning dove confidently jumped on a rock where a grackle had been standing, only to find out its short legs and feet couldn't reach the rock under the water -- a squawk and frantic flapping got it across to the other side of the pond. :lol:
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