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Wild Hare or Feral Rabbit?

So I've seen a bunch of little black bunnies around the neighbourhood lately, which don't really look like our wild rabbits. And today I saw this guy:


I was able to get really close to him, and he was really white soft and fuzzy looking, like a rex rabbit. I'm wondering if these are escaped domestic bunnies or just weird looking wild hares? If the latter, I'll leave it be. But if they're escaped domestic rabbits, I should probably try and trap them, right?

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Re: Wild Hare or Feral Rabbit?

Definately domestic. Might even be dumped domestic. A no-kill rabbit shelter can help you.
Two that I know of are:

Rabbit Haven in Gig Harbor WA
(it could take a while but she will respond to your email eventually)

Special Bunny in Carnation WA
Hotline: 425-788-8148

They sometimes help in other states & Canada. They can at least give you some good advice.

I know what to do but it's too much to type by way of a blog.
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