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Am ecstatic since last night I saw TWO (yes, two) bats flittering around when I went out to water/hay the horses.

I'm a HUGE bat enthusiast, & have been very dismayed that since WNS (White-Nose Syndrome) started rearing it's ugly head, that the DOZENS of bats we used to see here had dropped to a drizzle of zero to one at best the past three years or so.

But last night I saw two of the little devils flitting around. One absolutely tiny one that I'm thinking was most likely a "Little Brown Bat", since they're very common here; the other was much larger (maybe 10"-12" wingspan"), so that one could have been one of several larger species that frequent Virginia. (Bats are extremely difficult to identify when alive & in flight - lol!)

Regardless - I don't care. Was just thrilled to see at least two hunting the skies.

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Re: Bats!


My Sister put bat houses around her pond. It took years before bats decided to take up residence.


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Re: Bats!

Yay! I'm with you. Bats are awesome creatures. I have plans for building a bathouse and the space allocated in my property plan. It's creeping closer to the top of my To-Do list. :)

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