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Any Nesting Birds in your garden?

Do you have any birds nesting in your garden? There will be many more by summer, but at the moment I only know about this nest that a pair of Robins are building in the hawthorn tree:
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The House Wrens have arrived from the south and are making a lot of noise, so I'm sure they will move into some of the birdhouses. A chickadee was inspecting one today, but I don't think they moved in. A song sparrow keeps singing in the honeysuckle covered gate arbor but I don't see a nest in there yet.
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Re: Any Nesting Birds in your garden?

I have birds that nest or try to nest in my attic every year. They break through the air vents and I can hear them in the walls. There is a remnant for a nest from last year and usually the birds come back every year.
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Re: Any Nesting Birds in your garden?

Unfortunately, starlings like to. I just cut down a couple maples they were using. Next year I will have my pellet gun sighted in and ready.

I did had a pair of ring necked doves nest in a pine above my garden boxes a couple years ago. Those are fairly new to my area, I like them.

Other birds...I think they nest in my woods and just keep quiet about it. I sure can hear them everywhere.

One thing that makes me smile is the woodpecker that taps on the metal light pole in the morning as I ride by. It rings out clear as a bell. You know he thinks he's big stuff.
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Re: Any Nesting Birds in your garden?

Every year robins nest in the big old lilac in front yard. And we have a pair of chickadees nesting in the birdhouse in back! :)
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Re: Any Nesting Birds in your garden?

One robin family setting up housekeeping and raised 2 babies. They added on top of a previous (robin) nest.
As there is near too much cover here from untrimmed stuff, not sure how many bird families have set up housekeeping. Cardinals are around and busy. The blackbirds came in, can't wait for them to move on. I think the others are waiting for them to leave also as they dominate trees, yard and birdbaths. The other regulars are hanging around including mockingbirds, blue jays, sparrows.
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Re: Any Nesting Birds in your garden?

I've always considered myself an amateur naturalist, & love keeping track of the flora & fauna around here. In fact, since 2008 I've been keeping an Excel doc titled "Seasonal Firsts", where I keep track of the first seasonal sightings - i.e. first crocus, first Chipping Sparrow, first Hummingbird, first frost, first snowfall, etc., etc. We also keep a goodly part of our 22 acres relatively "wild" for wildlife, as well as offering a veritable buffet of bird feeders year-round, & the requisite birdbaths & nesting sites. Thus we always have a varied assortment of feathered residents around to enjoy.

At the moment we have a pair of chickadees in one bird box, a pair of Great Crested flycatchers in another, & have had Bluebirds checking out the others. I particularly enjoy the flycatchers - such striking birds. Also have Barn swallows & Phoebes nesting in the barn - the swallows inside; the Phoebes under the overhang.

A couple of male Rose-breasted grosbeaks have been visiting the sunflower tray feeder, so they're around, and several pairs of Indigo buntings too. Although we've had a resident pair of Red-shouldered hawks around for many years that we suspect are nesting in our mature woodlot, haven't located the nest. But we catch them mating in late winter, & then out & about with their grown youngsters later in the season. Ditto with the beautiful prehistoric-looking Pileated woodpeckers. And in two or three months, we'll have large groups of female wild turkeys stalking through our yard, fields, & woods with their gangs of little poults - all different ages from tiny fluffs to teenagers. Looks like group babysitting - lol!

But the season is just starting - lots more will be happening as we morph into June. :)
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