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on a side note spider bites are nothing to sneeze at.
Anytime you get a spider bite go to the doctors office. They can give you antibiotics.
A bite from any animal is serious as they carry bacteria and things we do not. You don't want anything getting infected.
I had a friend of mine who got bit and didnt know it. He was running 104 temp and had diarrhea. He went to the doctor and he said its just abug going around drink fluids take a asprin let it run its course and you will be fine in a couple of days. after day three he went to another doctor. By this time his joints were hurting like he had serious arthritis. The docotr basically gave him a strip search and found a small puncture hole on his right thigh with a small red mark around it. (A spider bite) he gave him antibiotics and said if that didnt help by tomorrow come back in and we will hook you up to an IV and do more serious things to you.
I was in Search and Rescue and I taught EMT's and Paramedics and Firefighters. Its the little things that can get us. My friend told me he felt like he was dieing he was 57 and said it was amazing that something so small could take him off his feet like that and make him feel so bad.
So again boys and girls. take any kind of bite seriously.
Thanks Mike :)

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Oh yeah, this is great advice, Mike.

I forgot about bacteria and such, I normaly, with scrapes, bites, and such, clean it real good with some paroxide or something. But, my roommate once got Staph (is that how you spell it?) infection, just from scraping his knee running through a cotton field.

and Staph is definately nothing to sneeze at, left untreated, you could die from it, and left untreated for a long time, antibiotics will no longer work, and they will have to cut out the infected area.

I don't go to the doc for every cut or scrape that I get, but I always watch to see if anything abnormal is going on.

I agree with Mike though, especially if your totally unsure... go to the doc.

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