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Very good MarlinG. It's nice to see coexisting.

I see deer and turkey and the rest all the time but seeing bobcats would be cool. My dog wouldn' like it though.

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That's really neat! Your pond must be like an oasis for the neighboring wildlife. 8)

What else regularly visit your pond? Do you also see many unusual birds, etc? Do you ever take a day and watch?

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Beautiful, you should set up a camera on a tripod ahead of time and see if you can get a picture!

Bobcats are another species that is learning to co-exist with us, now that we have taken over so much of their habitat. Another one is coyotes. About three weeks ago after church, people were standing around talking and looking out the big picture window and spotted a coyote crossing our big front lawn!

This is pretty amazing since the church is 4 miles from downtown, sort of outer inner city or inner suburbia. The coyote saw us watching it and crossed the street into the neighbors' yard.

We've had deer regularly for years - the church has three acres of woods in the back - but that was the first time we had seen coyote. It is getting to be quite the little ecosystem, right here in the city.

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You are so lucky. Bobcats are a rare sight. They are very stealth.

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Bobcats are a rare site, I have only seen one once at our place. Coyotes on the other hand are everywhere. I wish I had a pond as it must be so cool to watch the birds and animals go for a drink.
We have about 1200" or more of creek, but it is so far from the house and in the valley so I rarely get to it. I plan on putting a road to it some time and then I will get there more often.

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I would love to see a picture of these if you can get one. so cool! :)

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That is so cool, yes, please post a picture of your pond and the cats.

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