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Ideas to keep cats away?

They are driving me nuts!! I loved cats untill a few weeks ago, my neighbor feeds them, and Ive talked to her a few times about it, but she just wont stop!! So far theyve ripped the skirting apart to get under our place, started coming on our porch and marking it, and now they've decided my flower bed is a good litter box!! My mom gave me some spray thats supposed to keep them away, but I havent used it because it says not to use around ornamental plants, fruits or veggies, and I'm planning on planting tons of veggies in the empty space we have.

We arent allowed to put up fences, so thats out of the question. If I see one on our porch I usually open the window and squirt it with water, but they usually do it late at night or early morning when were sleeping. So I'm thinking of putting tape down on the steps to deter them from the porch, but what about the garden/flower beds? I would rather not use any chemicals because of planting veggies, so are there any other ways to keep them away that have worked for someone?

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Sorry but we just very recently had this discussion.
Please refer to:

I'm going to lock this thread, but if you decide that your particular situation wasn't addressed in that other thread and the links provided there, pm me and I'll re-open this thread for discussion. :wink:

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