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Small white bugs

Out digging in the garden today and I noticed abunch of small white bugs they look like fleas. Very small and white. They were under the surface of the ground.

Any idea of what these are....does it sound like they need to go?

I also need some ideas on what I could use or spread in the garden to help maintain the bugs that we don't wont in the garden. Its been a very warm spring here and its going to be a very buggy season I can tell already.

Any info is greatly appreciated.

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The white bugs sounds like lice -- wood lice, ground lice -- can't remember what goes in front of the word but in any case, not the parasite that sucks blood. Springtails. Detrivores that help break things down in the soil.

As for your other question, the trouble with spreading things that REPEL insects is that you also repel good insects that eat the bad insects. I plant flowers that attract beneficial insects.

What you COULD "spread" in your garden are things that attract birds -- birdbaths, bird feeders, nesting materials, birdhouses, etc. Baby birds are complete insectivores and even birds that only eat seeds will catch bugs for their babies.

I've installed a bat house in hopes of attracting summer brooding bats, but unfortunately bats in my area has been hard hit by a desease and so far, my bat house is still untenanted. You may have a better luck if your location is suitable.

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