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Albino Hummingbird anyone?

You all need to see this if you have not already.

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Very cool.

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Wow! Stunning photos...

Where I used to live we had an albino cardinal hanging around for a couple seasons. It took us a little while to figure out what it was, since you expect cardinals to be RED!

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That is very awesome. It must have been hard to get those pics. I had a thread on here wiht pics I took of my hummers. Probably %5 of all my attempts were keepers, those litttle buggers don't stay in one spot very long.

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That's cool

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wow , awesome !!


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Beautiful!!! When we lived in California we had an albino Raccoon who lived in the back yard and would parade her light brown babies on the top of the 8 ft fence to the delights of our guests.

She must have thought her babies were very beautiful - and they all were!

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