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Electric Fence + Pretty Birds = Horror!

I have some sad news to report, in the hopes to save pretty birds from your electric fence.

I have a severe deer/rabbit problem and had fortified my 24" rabbit fence with a few strands of electric wire that ran a few inches over the top to keep the deer out.

One day I came home from work to find an oriole (very rare in my backyard) that met her maker and was zapped to the bunny fence.It looked like she sat on the bunny fence and caught the electr ic wire with her beak, grounding her... terminally. :cry:

I have since moved the electric fence wires a few feet outside the 24" bunny fence, so that some poor unsuspecting bird can land on either fence without grounding the current.

Don't do what I did! :oops:

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Thanks for the note of caution.

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Aww. So sad.

Good advice, hard won.

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Bummer. What is that in you photo?

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