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Ticks are everywhere.....has anyone tried using....

I have been researching ways to keep the ticks and mosquito's at a minimum in our yard and garden. For the past few years we have used that garlic spray but it's so expensive.
I read online last week about using mouthwash (the company begins with the letter "L"), the original yellow stuff, in a spray bottle & just spray plants and lawn.
I tried it last weekend after freaking out last Thursday when I had 4 ticks making themselves at home on me! It's been so bad the past 2 weeks. There have been ticks everywhere! We used the generic brand and sprayed it everywhere. I don't know if it worked. We saw 2 ticks on our living room rug today.
What do you use on your lawns and gardens, and yourself for that matter. I have my 2 year old granddaughter playing in that yard. I could really use some hints from all you knowledgeable gardeners out there.
Thanks for your help.

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I get about 12 ticks on me every single trip to the garden.
So, I really need to cage the beds and open the garden up to my chickens.
I can safely walk anywhere in my yard and no ticks, the chickens ate them. They also love fleas!
But, they will eat your plants, and dust bath which ruins your plant roots, so you must cage beds to keep chickens out of there.

I have heard that any mint, or peppermint scent, misted on you will keep them away. And there are pyrethrium compounds... which is chryanthemums in english!

I would try the mints on the child.

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wow you guys have a lot of them.

we have quail here, they are tick eating specialists. two flocks of about 20 or so roam around eating small pest insects on a a daily basis.

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