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GIANT moth

This moth visited my garden recently. It was about 6-7 inches wide. Anyone else seen this one?


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Yes, that's a Cecropia moth. When my brother and I were kids, we would collect the cocoons and care for them until they hatched, then release the moths. :)
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:shock: okie dokie guess I won't be going to Missouri any time soon LOL gorgeous moth really but honestly if it flew anywhere near me I'd most likely be seen running around in circles waving my hands and screaming "Get it off me!!! Get it off me!!!! " lol... yup gotta love loving gardening but all the meanwhile suffering from severe insectophobia. :lol:
Confusion at its Finest :D
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The spots on his wings are "supposed" to mimic the eyes of an owl.. Cool theory and I hope it works.
They say if your smear a rotten banana on a tree and monitor it with a not to bright flash light you can lure in those guys and Lunar moths. Never worked for me though. :( :cry:
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