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My wife is from Ferndale, what part of town are you from?

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I'm in the same town as NorthCoastGardener, so I get most of the same critters. While we don't have reptiles, I do have some nice fat newts (or maybe salamanders? I'm not sure what the difference is).

I also get frequent and fragrant visits from skunks and the occasional marauding bear.

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tomf wrote:My wife is from Ferndale, what part of town are you from?
We are located on the west side of Eureka. We used to vacation in Ferndale and loved the area so much we moved here three years ago from Sonoma County. Love the coastal climate!

Hi sweet thunder, nice to know another person from my area is on the board. I haven't seen any salamanders around in our yard as of yet, but heard some frogs in our front yard though never saw them.

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