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New multifacited Slug and Snail attack plan. Will it work?

The DH and I are almost done with our first summer project (chicken coop/pen) and I have been thinking about what I wanted to do next... Well my biggest problem right now is the slugs and snails eating EVERYTHING. Iv tried hand picking (and I still do that too) Iv tried egg shells, coffee grounds, poison's (only thing that made a difference enough to let my seedling's grow) but now I can't use it.... so Iv come up with another idea.

First attack:

Build a frog pond. Shouldn't be that hard, I had a Koi pond before and still have virtually everything the frog pond wound need, a plastic liner, a sunny space, a filter and pump, the chem's to treat the water. ect.

Second attack:

Plant bird and butterfly attracting foliage. I have bluejay's pigeons and (what I call) parking lot birds that roost and sleep in our Oak trees. If I can plant more that will attract them to my garden maybe they will snack on some yummy slug's!

Third attack:

Beer... I'm going to get some left over party cup's from the last B-day party I threw dig some holes and pop the sucker's down in there... so if the frog's don't get em, and the bird's don't get em..... the beer will!

fourth attack:

And this is less of an attack more of a barrier... copper tape. I'm going to place copper tape all the way around my raised veggie bed's and any other pot's or plant's that need protecting.

fifth attack:

(more like a decoy) Plant mint every where I can.... Iv noticed the slugs and snails will eat that mint down to the ground. They LOVE it. And id rather have holy Mint that I don't care about than all my veggies eaten up!

Any problem's with my plan?

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I just cut to the chase and hunt 'em down. I've done lots of snail hunting and slug hunting. I haven't talked much about it this season, but I've taken down about 150 snails and probably 75 or so slugs, many of them during the day but during or right after rain.

Here's one thread where I discussed snail hunting and gave a link to another thread. If it's not graphic enough for you :wink: , then just use the Search the Forum with the key phrase

snail hunting

and the author


and you'll have lots of discussions, not all of them by me, about Successful Snail/Slug Sorties!

Cynthia, on a deadline-type life recently

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Hey Marissa,
I thought of one more attack, perhaps even #1, since it is the easiest one of all.
Lay boards on the ground, in contact with the soil. Each day, just look under them! Boards under the peach tree got me 5 slugs yesterday!
But, how easy is that? They run and hide from predators, right under the boards!

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