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Topsy-Turvy Commandeered By Wren.

I was standing on my patio today and if I saw correctly I had a pleasant surprise. If I saw correctly, I saw a Carolina Wren go into the top of my topsy-turvy tomato planter. I really like Carolina Wren’s, sometimes they are so loud they are almost irritating, but they sound so pleasant and happy and alert hard workers it’s hard to hold anything against them. They are also great for reducing the number of larger insect pests.

The Carolina Wren has been real quiet lately, so after I saw the Carolina Wren go into my topsy-turvy tomato planter, I suspect that it has a nest in the topsy-turvy plantar. I got a stepstool and very carefully and quietly looked down into the top of the topsy-turvy tomato planter and it looks like there is a nest and it looked like the wren may have been on the nest. I’m not sure because I did not want to look closer or disturb the nest and risk scaring away the wren.

I looked it up the incubation for Carolina Wren is about 12 to 14 days and there is about another 12 to 14 days before fledging. Recommended tomato planting around here is in about another month, so it sounds like the timing will hopefully be perfect. Hopefully when the Carolina Wren is done with the topsy-turvy tomato planter that it will be time for me to plant tomatoes.

I’ll leave the topsy-turvy plantar alone if I have to, because I love Carolina Wren so much. I could always get another plantar to plant my tomatoes.

I live in a trailer park and only have a garden not much larger than a parking space. I doubted I would have any birds nesting, I figured if I did that they would just be starlings or English sparrows which I don’t really care much for. I feel so lucky to have a Carolina Wren hopefully setting up a nest in my garden.

Hopefully I’ll have some photos or videos in a few weeks.

Back in the 1970s we had an extremely cold winter and spring in our area that killed out most of the Carolina Wrens. We had a pair of Carolina wrens that kept seeking shelter in our garage and they kept getting trapped. There was a sliding window in the garage so we cut a piece of wood in dimensions that we could use the piece of wood for an insert so we could leave the window open and only have a small hole large enough for the wrens to get in and out. That spring the Carolina wrens built a nest in the coiled up garden hose in our garage. Birdwatchers came from all over the state to see the only known breeding pair of Carolina Wrens in our region that year.

This is a high-speed photo that my father took of the Carolina Wren in our garage in 1978.

My photos and/or videos would not be as good because I can only afford cheap photography equipment.

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Outstanding photo--I'm envious.
Happy Gardening,

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Ugh - I can't view images from my office network but I loved hearing the story - thanks for sharing the story and your topsy turvy

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