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Humming Birds

I live in Florida how can I attract them?

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Please use the Search to read our many threads on attracting hummingbirds, yes even in Florida.

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hummingbirds in Florida

How can you attract hummingbirds in Florida? EASILY! Here in Ohio we only ever see one hummer, the ruby throat. That is your commonest hummingbird as well, but you have two other varieties, and they may even be around in the winter for you, lucky you! :)

Here's a really nice article on hummingbirds in Florida and how to attract them with feeders and plants: (put out by U. Florida)

In my experience the plants are more successful in attracting them to your yard, than the feeders, though once they are hanging around your yard, especially when they are getting ready for migration and really need the calories, they spend more time at the feeders. The flowers in my yard that they love the best are honeysuckle trumpet vine, cardinal climber vine (an annual), trumpet creeper, bee balm.

Hope this helps!

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