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Wahoos: what critters like/dislike them

Not even sure if thats the real name of them but thats what my grandpa calls them. Wahoos, not sure of the look of the leaves but they have a berry which is red and usually has 4 points to it. the berry stays on the plant into winter and the color fades and they fall off by spring.
Just wondering if they attract birds or wildlife or repel anything in particular (deer hopefully :twisted: ) grandpa told me they attract cardinals but the berries don't seem to get eaten I think he may believe that because the berries are the same bright red.
I'm asking since I started a few cuttings recently of them.

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Wahoo is our native euonymus, Euonymus atropurpureus, and it is a good bird plant, although I will not go as far as naming species...



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