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Yellow grease definition

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Yellow grease is derived from used cooking oil from the fast-food industry. It is used to feed livestock, and to make soap, make-up, clothes, rubber, detergents, and bio-diesel fuel.[1]

It is distinct from brown grease; yellow grease is typically used-frying oils from deep fryers, whereas brown grease is sourced from grease interceptors.[citation needed] Yellow grease can also refer to lower-quality grades of tallow (cow or sheep fat) from animal rendering plants.

Thanks to all. This thread has been helpful. Now that we've mulched every year and built up some soil, Armadillos are decimating all of my flower beds but I'd rather not kill them.

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Some scary new about them, this is from CNN.


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I tried everything, including hiring a guy who set up a cage. The armadillo went all around it and never in it!!! I put down cayenne. Nothing. Then I tried sulfur powder on half my flower bed just to see..... The armadillo went to the flower bed WITHOUT the sulfur but didn't touch the one with it. Just now went and bought more to cover it all!! Looks like sulfur works but is messy. Be sure to cover your mouth and nose when using it. Not good to breathe it in.

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