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Raccoons are ruining my life!!!!

Does anybody have any ideas how to deter coons from my yard? They destroy everything outside - birdfeeders, hummingbird feeders, suet cake holders. I don't dare plant anything because they'll dig it up.
I have too many to trap (tried that). They gotten smart to the lights coming on. Ground hot pepper has helped a little.
Any other great ideas?

I think the evil creature in the Garden of Eden was really a raccoon!

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wow! you must have a lot. We have a couple, and they come every night and finish up whatever dry food the cats left, since we do put out food for the outdoor cats. But they haven't caused any destruction that I can tell. I do have to fence my veggies, but I would anyway because of the ground hogs. So best solution I have is to fence. I use deer netting around my raised beds, buried in to the ground and tied together over the top to make a ceiling, so there's no access anywhere. My friends use solar powered electrified wire fencing around their garden. Just two or three strands is enough. Apparently it's very cheap and easy to do, but I don't have details because I haven't done it.

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