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Weaving a fence to keep out deer


I am interested in making a woven/wattle fence out of small trees or saplings but am uncertain about this fence's durability and lifetime. Here are my questions:

Can anyone tell me if a fence like this would stand up to the weather for years to come?

Since this fence will be used as a barrier between my garden and deer, what do you think about its durability and steadfastness?

What type of wood should I use?

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Welcome to The Helpful Gardener, herlittleway.

One of the procedures that helps members keep all the information on a question together and reduces the chances of posters asking themselves, "Didn't I respond to that question already?" is to ask a question only once, in a forum of their choosing which seems relevant to the question.

Admittedly, both forums (fora?) where I read your question about a deer fence are relevant, but to keep all the responses together, I'll lock this copy of the message--which so far has no responses other than mine--and ask everyone who can help to read the other copy of your question under Landscaping at


I hope you get the information you need, and then some.

Happy gardening! (and deer prevention)

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