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AYup I have that book.. Also have read Robert Harts work.
Permacultre design manual etc.. Thanks I await some human wisdom (c:


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Shoot me a PM, smitty, and we'll talk...


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Doing a bit of reading I have re-discoverd that potatoes and squash are not compatible. So, The trinity shouldn't have potatoes added to it but, rather should be changed with a substitution of potatoes for Squash.

Though, given that potatoes are supposed to be inhbited by squash and vice versa; last year I grew squash and potatoes together and had yields of sweet dumpling squash that I am still trying to give away and had a minimum of 38 fingerling potatoes per plant.

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HI Have any ideas on a forest guild for a bog in a temperate area , Oregon.

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Lovely guild suggestions - thank you! Perhaps you could make some suggestions for me? I am a backyard orchardist -- 50 to 60 varieties, about three years old. Some espaliered, some grouped. Some single. I'd like help with the grouped 4-to-a-hole pit trees. I have several 3'x3' raised beds, each planted with four related small deciduous trees and I'd like some guild suggestions particular to each tree variety grouping. I'm in SoCal zone 10/sunset23, hot and dry, semitropical climate - no frost, and low chill (100-400).

Group 1: Cherry varieties & hybrids (Low Chill)
Group 2: Apricots & hybrids
Group 3: Nectarines & hybrids
Group 4: Plums & hybrids
Group 5: Figs
Group 6: Peaches

I would love to grow something edible & perennial if possible under each... but I need help deciding what goes with which, and what else would work as herb, cover, digger, fixer, etc. I wouldn't mind including some of these, if appropriate: artichoke, rhubarb, eggplant, asparagus, celery, kiwi, passionfruit, lemongrass, wild arugula, parseley, dill, thyme, basil. Scared of mint, for invasiveness. I imagine the guild would extend beyond the raised bed because the drip line will eventually be much larger than the bed.

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