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Will birds eat ALL my elderberries?

I'm really wanting to plant a few elderberry bushes near our home to use for harvesting. We live in the woods, so we have TONS of birds all around. I'm just curious if I'd be wasting my time even planting them, or if I'd get much off of them. Will the birds eat all the berries before I can harvest? Thoughts or suggestions?

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Birds will eat anything that we think is sweet. :cry: You may need to cover them with some netting when it's almost harvest time; maybe even before that. I have a couple of red currant bushes and the first year, I didn't get anything.
We have also had an old cherry tree at another property and we hung netting and also hung CD disks (didn't help too much) so the birds would get distracted. We still had a great harvest despite the mess of half eaten fruit on both the tree and the ground. :hehe:

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