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My Elm?? I think? Has Galls or Cankers all over the leaves??

I have this cute tree that just popped up two or three years ago. At first I thought it was a peach tree, and they don't last long in CO.
Then when it stayed around, I realized the leaves were not shiny and sort of dullish.
Today I was sort of admiring it (trying not to get attached just in case) and realized there are these bump things all over the leaves. My son cracked some open, but there was nothing inside unless it was too tiny for us to see.
I did some reseacrch tonight and it looks like an American Elm (??) and is now about 12' tall or more, but what are these ugly things on the leaves? I didn't see bugs around, but didn't look on the ground. (It was HOT today) I didn't stay out long.
Oh-I did have some infested bird seed a week ago, my son said the little black bugs were weevils. Any connection? I dumped it near the Elm (?).
Also we have a huge Ash tree and several Willows and a smaller Ash nearby, but they don't have the bumps/cankers/galls. (I saw those terms on the CSU plant site but no pictures).
Thank you!
Linda in CO

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Are you sure it is an elm? It sounds like it could be Celtis occidentalis.
Hackberry is nice tree, but it does get quite large in time.

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