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My 3.00 hibiscus tree

I was at walmart recently and found a hibiscus tree for 3.00. It had been damaged by a storm and no one thought it would make it. I bought it, took it home and repotted it. Gave it some miracle gro and the very next day, I swear the thing came back to life to thank me. i just wanted to share that story, because Im so darned proud of the little tree and its lovely peach blooms.


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You got a deal and you are smiling. Pretty color.

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That is a very pretty flower and a great buy. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me with my hibiscus plants. I bought 2 of them 3 or 4 years ago - planted them in my back garden and they had beautiful red flowers that whole season. They come back every year and grow very nicely however they will not get flowers on them anymore. I have rather sandy soil - they are in a flower bed along a privacy fence and are mulched. I'm not sure if I need to fertilize with something special or what to do with them to make them bloom again. That garden used to get a lot of shade however we had to remove a tree in the backyard this year so now it will get much direct sun so I'm hoping maybe that will help. Any suggestions?
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