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hicks yew

I have a row of hicks yews and would like to prune them as I let them grow for two years. Can I prune them now in May without hurting them

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Hello to you and a very warm welcome.

I don't know if you found it yet but there is a trees and shrubs forum here. I think you'll like it very much. Here's a direct link-

Your Hicks Yew is actually Taxus x media 'Hicksii'. It's got a rapid growth rate and I don't see any reason why you couldn't whack it back to any shape you want. Some evergreens are touchier but yews don't seem to be all that picky about being pruned. Granted, I wouldn't do it in the middle of summer but spring should be no problem for that plant.

Here's hoping other correct me if their experiences differ from mine being as how I'm in the Midwest and I don't know where steamer10 is from.

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