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Spruce sapling

I was given a spruce sapling recently. Since I live in an apartment I was wondering how long I can keep it in a container before I have to plant it, and how to care for it. I have family who will take it when the time comes, but since they are halfway across the country it may be a while before I can deliver it!

I have a big south facing window, and a north facing balcony. Should I keep it inside or outside for the summer? What about water and food? And what to do with it in the winter? I've heard trees in containers can suffer root damage if kept outside over the winter, but that if I keep it inside it won't acclimatize and will not survive when eventually moved outdoors.

Climate-wise, I'm in Toronto, and the tree is headed for the east coast.

Thanks for any help!

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If you keep it outside in the winter it will probably freeze, north wind, so keep it inside and let the new owners allow it to adjust. Fertilize it once in the fall and plant in compost or manure and keep it outside until October and keep it away from the heat source but in a window.

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