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Eliminating saplings near house

I've got a house which apparently used to have a number of flower beds all around. We have a few flowers and decorative plants growing in them, but we also get a regular population of Walnut trees. I cannot pull them, so I've been pruning them back brutally. I know there is energy stored in the roots, because the darn things keep popping back up.

How many times should I expect to have to cut these things down (just above ground level) before they stay down? Is there a particular time of year that will work better?

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Re: Eliminating saplings near house

Just keep pruning...eventually they will get the message and stop growing. For those who are not afraid of chemical control, the "glove of death" with round-up works well. Rubber or vinyl glove with a cloth glove over that sprayed with round-up and hand applied to the saplings. This ensures only the walnut trees get poisoned. Glyphosate will not move to other plants.
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