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Crimson Queen Japanese Maple is losing color in leaves

Help! I just purchased my Crimson Queen and have not planted it yet. I noticed that the leaves are losing the red coloring. I don't know if this is frost damage because we did have a day that the temp reached freezing over night just about two days ago. This tree has been sitting on the east side of my house, not 4 feet away. It's gets sun up until about 2:30, but it's been cool here so even with the sun heat, I'm not sure it's been hot enough to harm it. The plant is not root bound and the soil has been moist. The leaves appear to be turning a very light color. I can't say it's green because it looks to be more off white or light yellowish. Is this frost damage, sun damage... please help.

Here's a picture of the problem:

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Hello and welcome to the site. I believe that your tree is experiencing leaf scorch. Red Japanese Maples are susceptible to this if the are located in a position that is not to their liking.
Try locating it in a position that gets more shade. Under large shade trees offering filtered sun is a good idea, or a spot that gets less hours of full sun. Drying winds can also cause leaf damage. I have found it necessary to keep mine (mostly young material in pots) protected until the leaves harden off a bit. The young tender growth seems to be the most vulnerable.


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