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Transporting Rose Of Sharon

Hi everyone I'm new here and have been enjoying your site for some time now. I guess it's time for me to come out of lurking lol I've been a landscaper/gardener for yrs now. But I have a question for someone. Tell me what you think :wink:
I'm going to be moving down to Nc comes Sept. I'm currently in NY. But I have some Rose of Sharon that I can't part with so I'm taking them with me. What would you say my chances are if I cut them 1/2 way now, to slow the growth process some. And then burlap them up in Sept when I decide to go. I know they will be shocky. But do you think I will lose them? Or should I cut them 1/2 in Sept and then pull them?

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I'm not clear on why you want to cut them back. Do you want to reduce them to a more manageable size for moving or is it something else? Cutting back now will not slow growth, it will stimulate growth. I have never tried to move one so I have no idea if they are easy movers or touchy but the timing doesn't sound that bad, far better September than July. Since you have the luxury of several months I would root prune them immediately to stimulate new root growth with the the perimeter of the ball but be aware that this may mean they will need extra water over the summer.

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