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The downside of being a sugar maple


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Oh my Gawd!

Sap build up explosions?
Untapped maple trees can explode turning into spindly demons of destruction?
Arboreal thermodynamics?
Vermont Maple Museum collects rare recordings of forest explosions from the 1930's
Cheaper syrup knockoff from (of all places) the islands of the South Pacific?

Oh my word! I'm a tree person and that was hysterical. I had to listen to that twice. We're talking a veritable knee slapper. Too bad you missed posting that on April 1st!

editing to add-
You'll appreciate this, https://www.birdlife.org/news/news/2008/04/flying_penguins.html
Watch the YouTube video. The end had me rolling on the floor when they were landing in and amongst the trees in the Jungle.

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